Want to develop an Udemy course? Here is how to!

If you want to share your expertise and at the same time, want to earn too then Udemy provides you with the right platform. In this article let’s focus on creating a course for Udemy, the online e-learning platform that will be appealing, authentic, reliable and engaging t the same time. You must be aware of the fact that Udemy has more than 25000 courses to offer and thus it is not easy to capture the attention of the crowd. Trying these tips will help you create one.

Create an outline of your course content

First step should always be picking the right topic to teach. You can choose one in which you are an expert or may follow ones that are most common course in Udemy. Here, you need time to decide that which course should be offered that will make a difference when you launch your course.

Your next concern should be your audience. Who are they and what should be the level of your course? Will it be for beginners or for advanced level? You also need to set a catchy title that will be short yet descriptive for your audience. You also need to break down all your lesson and plan a title for every section. Also set the objective that can be achieved after someone completes the course.

Produce your Udemy content

Once you are done with the planning part it’s time to produce the content. It’s the quality of the content that will help you make a bestseller course on Udemy. The quality of the lectures should be pleasing and should convey enough information about the topic.

You must remember a few things in this context. The video of your course should be of 720p HD for getting published in Udemy. The 720p format needs to have a resolution of 1280×720. Before you press the recording button it is necessary that you prepare a script and rehearse it few times. It will give better results while recording the video.

The audio plays an important role and thus the microphone should of great quality. The voice of the video needs to be crisp and clear and there should not be any background sound.

Perfect your Udemy content

If you have undergone the above steps that means you are 80% ready with the course to be published. Then what is the rest 20%? It is the sales page of your course on which the success of your course material will depend. Until and unless you have an effective landing page you will not be able to get attention from audience.

The course image is important and you can get it designed [professionally at nominal charges. The course summary is very important as it will tell the student that why should they undertake the course and how can it help them. It must be easy to understand and you should be able to let them get an idea about how the course will prove to be beneficial. Also do not forget to provide your profile as author’s profile plays an important role.

Now that everything is completed you can submit your course to Udemy. They will check the quality of your course as per their standard and then publish it.

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