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Convert your visitors and track marketing efforts with jotURL

For development of a business marketing strategies pays a major role and for development of it there is need of a set of techniques that will benefit different aspects of the business. The strategies should not only bring in the links but along with that should also be able to convert the links into sales. There are many robust tools that will be useful but along with that you need something for meeting various marketing and operational causes. Have you ever thought of link shortening tool as a marketing stuff? With JotURL you can and here is all that you need to know about it.

What is JotURL?

From JotURL the online marketers, e-commerce businesses and advertising agencies get a digital marketing optimization tool that helps them in managing, comparing, optimizing and monitoring all the marketing links used by them.

In simple words, it is an all-in-one suite for all the marketing links used. JotURL gives the users a wide range of powerful tools that helps them in measuring cross channel touch points and leveraging them. Each campaign can be implemented better with its helps and measurement of performance becomes easier. Thus, the result is conversions become more feasible than something you try without JotURL. It brings everything under one roof making it possible to take control over the full marketing efforts.

JotURL main benefits

There are many benefits associated with JotURL. Some of them are
– Better and Improved CTRs – with the help of JotURL you can build branded tracking links, QR codes and thus helps in tracking and organizing your content, campaigns and other marketing activities without such effort. For this the software first identifies the most productive marketing sources. It then allows you to optimize the results and works on maximizing monetizing potential of the links related to your website.
– Customize Your CTAs – want to leverage the power of custom CTAs? Again JotURL will be helpful. It increases the effectiveness of every CTAs and their performance. When the content is relevant and powerful it can attract more potential customers. As CTAs will catch and grip the attention all you have to do is sit and watch the visitors converting into potential sales.
– Discover the Best Channels – for any campaigns you need to discover the best channels that will fetch highest revenue for your business. JotURL will again assist in finding those channels that attracts traffic and thus contributes to your increased revenue. From the different indicators like conversions, clicks, revenues and views you can know which are those visitors who can be targeted and how can you reel them in.

Never let go of your audience

Thus, jotURL helps you identify the sources that will fetch you maximum traffic. It not only helps in getting traffic but along with that is useful for converting them. With varied features like branded links and remarketing you can utilize the efforts and get maximum return whenever possible. You can know about your visitors as it captures their details and makes a profile. Thus when you know your visitors better you can treat them properly.

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