ShortPixel pros – what do reviews appreciate about it?

There are many reasons why you require a quicker website, but achieving a higher Google page rank and keeping visitors happy are two of the main causes. Google, the search engine major, has already started to use page speed as a top factor for mobile search ranking factor. ShortPixel is an easy to use and basic image compression and optimization WordPress plugin and API that ensures faster loading of websites. Find out what reviews appreciate about ShortPixel.

Fast registration

You can install the ShortPixel Image Optimizer very easily. Users can enjoy an easy and fast signup process. All that you have to do is to visit the official website of ShortPixel,, and get your password and API Key after registering with your email.

Wide range of ShortPixel pricing plans

There are various pricing plans, which range from the Free to the Yearly plan that costs 49 USD. There are as many as many 100 image optimization credits every month included in the free plan.

Other than the free package, which can help you to test the image optimizer, you can find many other one-time and monthly paid plans. You need to give the one-time plan costing 9.99 USD a try, in case you would like to optimize many pictures but not over the 10,000 pictures at a go.

The one-time and monthly plans are enough for every small business owner who wants to optimize the images of his or her website. However, major firms can choose the option Dedicated Servers to get a dedicated physical server and a plan costing 1,000 USD every month so as to be able to get as many as 16 million optimizations every month. You can read more about ShortPixel plans and a great solution to save some cash in this article.

Quicker page loading

Most reviews appreciate the way the plugin helps improve load times with image compression technology. It implements advanced caching or upgrading websites to a quicker server. However, this is one of the most economical and convenient ways to decrease the size of image files that are shown on sites. This helps websites load faster, with no apparent loss of quality.

Advanced image optimization technology

ShortPixel works by using image optimization through an API from cloud. The developers of the extension also plan on adding other tools in the form of a mobile app, client libraries for Java and Ruby and plugins for Joomla and Magento. When you need just basic image optimization, simply click over the compress button that is there on your account. Then, you can pick the level of compression ranging between Lossy, Glossy and Lossless. You may also optimize as many as 50 files simultaneously. The formats that are allowed include GIF, JPEG and PNG. You may even compress PDF documents. The cutting edge image optimization ensures that there is no apparent quality loss of the images. Some of ShortPixel’s competitors only optimize PNG and JPG images. These days, PDF and GIF optimization might be not too helpful for many photographers. However, the optimization of PDF could be useful in case you post many docs or PDF guides on your website.

Excellent WordPress image optimization

The WordPress image optimizer plugin of ShortPixel lets you optimize every WordPress image with simply a button push. If you want to begin, go to, make a search for ShortPixel, download the plugin and then install it. Prior to starting the use of this plugin, you will be prompted for an API key by ShortPixel. The API key will be sent already to your email upon registration.

High quality image compression

Ensure that you pick the level of compression that you want, which simply informs ShortPixel how much you would like to compress the images. Most users find the Lossy setting to be good enough. However, if you need superior images, you might like to pick between Glossy and Lossless options – which are less aggressive. The images that are optimized tend to be of a smaller size, and the quality is as superior as promoted.

For people who blog occasionally, the free plan could be sufficient. However, a small business entrepreneur who runs an e-commerce blog or website would require a sizeable amount of image credits for good price. Once you upload the compressed pictures to your site, note whether the page loads faster.

Various ShortPixel settings

Reviews also appreciate the various general settings that are included in the ShortPixel image compression plugin.
• The “Include Thumbnails” is the one that is recommended. It will help you to optimize images of any size, and not simply the full size image.
• The Remove EXIF Data is another recommended setting. It offers additional details that are generally not required.
• The “Image Backups” setting keeps backups, and lets you restore the original images.
• In the “CMYK to RGB Conversion”, RGB is used for web images while CMYK is used for print.
• You can “Resize Large Images” with the plugin. In case you upload extremely large sized images, such as over 3000px in width, you need to enable this setting. It is advisable that you set your pictures to an optimum height of about 1200-1500px and an optimum width of around 2000-2500px.

Easy restoration of original images

You may prefer restoring the actual image or have it re-optimized with varied settings. If you want to get rid of the ShortPixel compression and have your original images restored, you may do that with just a single click. This is a workable solution for bulk images as well as individual images. The original versions of your photos are stored by ShortPixel in a folder located on your own server. This needs more disk space. All the actual images are properly stored in /wp-content/uploads/ShortPixelBackups/

In case you encounter reduced disk space problems, and happen to be quite satisfied with the compressed pictures that you have got, you may try bulk deleting every original picture that is stored in the backup folder of ShortPixel.

Reviews about ShortPixel are mostly positive, and it can easily be understood that the plugin has got the acclaim and appreciation of experts as well as ordinary users.

I use ShortPixel image optimization tool here, on this website. It runs on WordPress and works flawlessly. Visit following website if you want a ShortPixel coupon code. It worked for me. I hope it will work for you as well.

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