Airbnb and its main advantages and disadvantages

If you love traveling you must have heard about Airbnb. This online marketplace makes connection between those people who wants to rent their property at any place along with those who are looking for accommodation at that place. Currently it covers more than 191 cities countries and more than 81,000 cities in those countries.

Expensive properties at a good place

It’s appealing for the hosts because they can easily get guests for their homes and earn something. However, there is a risk that the property might be damaged. Now, guests prefer Airbnb because they get in expensive properties at a good place. However, sometimes they may not get the property similar to their expectations they had set after watching it online!

Main advantages of Airbnb

Let’s check out the various advantages of this system of online accommodation search

Wide selection – when you look for properties you can find different kind of properties as per your requirement. There are apartments, single rooms, houseboats, yacht, entire home or even a bungalow.

Free listings – as a host you do not have to pay anything for listing your property on Airbnb site. In the listings it is possible to post images of the place, write some descriptions about the property and create your user profile to let the guests know about you.

As a host you can set your own price per night, or any other period.

Customizable searches – as guests you have wide option for choosing your preferred accommodation. There are search that can be based upon date and place and along with that the type of property you are looking for, amenities available, costs per night and even the language that the host speaks. There is even option for adding further keyword like ‘near to any particular location.’

Protections for Hosts and Guests – it has protection offers for both hosts and guest. For guests protect Airbnb do not release the guests payment immediately to the hoist. They hold it for 24 hours after check-in of the guests.

For hosts there is a guarantee program that covers any damage that might occur due to damages made by guests. However, it is application in eligible countries only.

Main disadvantages of Airbnb

Everything is not as good as you see thus there are certain issues with Airbnb too.

It’s not always what you see – when you book an accommodation through Airbnb you are not booking something a major hotel chain that assures you of a particular service. It is done by individual and sometimes they may not be that honest. The best way is to read the reviews left behind by those who had been there. It will help you get a good view of the property.

Risk of damage of property – there is always risk of damage of the property by the guests. The incidents may not be common, but there are instances when a family has ruined the property before they have left. However, there is some assurance from Airbnb Host guarantee program.

It Isn’t Legal Everywhere – Airbnb is not legal everywhere and thus before listing you must check out if it is legal in your area.

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