Drop is new Massdrop

Massdrop is now called Drop – what else has changed?

It’s true that eBay and Amazon had changed the way online shopping was done but now Massdrop has brought about another change. Recently during April 2019 it has changed its name to Drop but still they remain the same, when it comes to services. It allows you to make mass purchases and thus the price of each product gets curtailed.

What is Massdrop (Drop)?

Massdrop is all about mass online shopping. It allows you to unite your purchasing power with many more shoppers around the world. Thus, it allows you to buy the products at a much lower cost.

Two Canadian started operating this service in 2012. They do not have any store or warehouse of their own and thus do not call themselves as online stores. Rather they work as middleman between the manufacturers-designers and the consumers.

The main purpose of Massdrop is not only reduction of cost but they try to grant access to a number of specialized products that is not easily available in the physical stores.

What can be bought at Drop?

At Massdrop site you can buy anything you want, provided there is sufficient demand for the product that you are looking for. Different users will vote for products that they want to buy. Products that get the most votes are available for purchase in Massdrop.

There are different product categories available starting from graphic cards to clothes, gaming headsets to cooking devices. The choice is wide and you can buy as much you want.

There are different communities into which the products of Massdrop are divided. Like, if you want to buy a lens you can go to the Photography community. You will get a number of options out there where something will match your need. Even if you do not get what you look for you can create your own community.

What are drops?

There are products that are available for immediate sale and they are known as ‘drops.’ From each drop you can know about the cost of the product, any discount available and the number of days before which the offer will expire. Once the expiration of the products comes the drop is not any more available for purchase.

As there are more and more buyers in the drop the price of the product reduces more. After the drop ends Massdrop send the order to the manufacturer and the manufacturer starts manufacturing the product. Naturally, the process is a bit lengthy and thus after placing an order you may have to wait for some time before you get the delivery.

How are polls useful?

When Massdrop members need to add any particular category they can take help of polls. After a poll is added and more and more people vote for it the poll changes in drops and then the whole procedure starts. Thus, polls are useful because it allows you to take part in creating a community that you want and that may be useful for you.

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